General Terms and Conditions

This isn't your everyday Terms of Service

We're a community with a purpose. Please read this thoroughly.

We are a gathering of people finding a way of working better together (both offline and on) focused on inspiration, participation and learning through doing. Anything can happen, the environments and space(s) change. The participants of Function share a fundamental optimism, a spirit of liberty in action, encouragement and enlightenment.


Function is quite different from your average working environment. It is a community environment and we ask everyone to take responsibility for helping to keep it clean and tidy.

  • You are responsible for the space and equipment that you use. If you break or damage anything you are responsible for replacement or repair.

  • Equipment & Professional Liability is your own responsibility (our insurance does not cover it).

  • Please leave the spaces at least as clean as you found them.

  • Anyone who behaves in an manner that is destructive to the Space or the Participants may be asked to leave.

  • Be responsible and respectful with your internet usage. No bit-torrent or porn.

  • Respect other peoples privacy, confidentiality, safety, property and data.

  • With the exception of special events, only members are permitted entry after 5PM unless prior arrangements are made with management. Violations of this rule may be cause for termination of membership.


All Function memberships include equal access to the community and its resources, with a few additional benefits reserved for full time members.

All Memberships Include:

  • A productive, enjoyable place to work between 8am and 6pm, Monday through Friday

  • Fast internet, desks, power, and coffee

  • A login to the Function discussion list and chat room

  • Announcements and invitations to events (including family friendly events) with membership discounts

  • Opportunities to host events of your own, including classes, social gatherings, and workshops

  • Use of printer/copier/scanner/fax based on membership level

  • The use of our conference rooms and gathering spaces (additional charges may apply)

Additional Benefits for Full Time Members:

  • 24/7 access to Function

  • Complimentary lockers for storage of belongings

  • Complimentary mail handling

  • Increased access to conference/meeting rooms and copier/printer/scanner/fax

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